Example screen shot of an Internet Billboard

Introducing Internet Billboards

Internet Billboards are individually designed web pages containing an easy-to-read and compelling description of your service or products.  

Written in plain English but still keyword-rich for the benefit of Google search engines, they have a number of benefits and features. This means you can...

    • Promote an individual product or service
    • Advertise a limited timescale campaign
    • Achieve a ranking in any Google search
    • Use as a simple, single-page website

A great way to get noticed, billboards are a cost-effective method of increasing your reach by driving additional traffic to your main website. And of course you can promote your main website with a link from this billboard. This will help Internet visitors find you, and of course Google will appreciate the link.

Our range of Internet billboards come in two versions - standard billboard and premium billboard (check out the customised web design and unique domain name!)


Contact Us

To find out more about this amazingly cost-effective lead-generation tool and how it could help your sales effort, phone Village Internet on 01285-810111.

You can also see samples of our billboards at www.s-n.co.uk which acts as a directory for Internet Billboads in the Swindon area.